Peninsula means "almost an island".

From Latin paene 'almost' + insula 'island', a Peninsula is a piece of land surrounded by water that almost became an island but remained connected to its mainland by a neck or isthmus.

About the Founder

Meet Claudia Finol, the founder behind Peninsula, a brand deeply rooted in her Latin American heritage and traditions. Hailing from Venezuela, Claudia's journey began when she ventured to Buenos Aires to pursue her passion for the fashion industry. Eventually, fate led her to Miami, where she made her mark working with a renowned Latin fashion brand.

In the year 2021, amid the challenges of the pandemic, Claudia felt an unyielding desire to forge a connection not only with her family but also with her homeland. Driven by this heartfelt sentiment, she took a bold step and launched Peninsula, a brand that would capture the essence of her cherished traditions.

As a child, Claudia had admired the graceful finesse with which her two grandmothers orchestrated Sunday lunches. The recollections of delicate linens and tablecloths, the enchantment of hand-picked garden flowers, delectable family recipes, and an array of tropical fruit-based sweets and desserts lingered in her memories. But beyond the flavors and fragrances, what truly touched her heart was the joyous atmosphere of family storytelling and togetherness that surrounded those gatherings.

Though born in Miami, Peninsula's essence transcends borders. The brand became a celebration of reuniting families and friends, connecting them through traditions and shared moments.

Building on the success of Peninsula, Claudia's creative spirit soared even higher in 2023 as she introduced Petit Peninsula, a sister brand with a more romantic and sophisticated aesthetic. Focused on lifestyle, maternity, and childrenswear, Petit Peninsula continues to breathe new life into her vision, expanding the brand's reach and touching the lives of even more people.

About the Brand 

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